Vanilla Not Chocolate

IP: vnc.fluctis.net

We, the VnC Staff, are proud to announce that our server is finally live after weeks of preparation! We have worked tirelessly for hours to create the best experience for you! But, we are still in beta testing. There are things we need to do in game to better the experience of our players, but understand that even though the map may look bare, we have a lot of fun events planned and expect high volumes of players in the coming weeks. We hope to get to know all of you on a personal level as we want to create a community here at VnC.
So let me tell you all a little bit about what we have been working on up to the release. We have decided, as I'm sure most of you can agree, minecraft has become too insane with all of the various plugins that servers provide. We have played on servers with networks of players with up to 10 gamemodes. We would like to create a small to medium sized server with ABSOLUTELY NO plugins, and still have the fun while maintaining the true purpose of the game. With that being said, our players will have to work for everything that they would like to gain within the server. So, if you are looking for god items to be handed to you, we would invite you to look elsewhere. Our goal is to maintain a close knit community of approximately 50 players. So what is the idea behind the server? What is the theme? We are proudly announcing that our server is run 100%, completely, by COMMAND BLOCKS.
We are having so much fun adding new commands and new things for our players to do DAILY as we learn how to use command blocks day by day. We hope you as the players enjoy the use of command blocks as much as we do! In the coming weeks, we will be hiring staff based off of their player to player support that they can provide to new members of our community. We are looking for respectful staff who can also maintain order. So, do not ask or beg for staff as that itself shows your maturity. With all of this being said, we hope to see you join our community, and become an active member on VnC!

- [Staff] JewcyMango